Real Good for Free: Tony Fletcher’s “All Hopped Up”

FletcherTony Fletcher slipped into the Spotty Dog in Hudson a couple of weeks back to offer a reading of his new book, “All Hopped Up and Ready to Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77,” even though the tome hadn’t officially had its publication date yet.

Well, it was officially published last week by the fine folks at W.W. Norton, and it’s well worth picking up. You can read the introduction here.

“It’s incredibly good value – just $18.95, before any discount, for a 460-page book that spans fifty years of musical history and took almost five years of my life,” explains Fletcher on his blog.

“CDs still officially retail close enough to that price. You’re lucky to get an interesting bottle of wine for under $20. A meal out costs twice as much, if you’re lucky, and you’re hungry again within a few hours. Books, on the other hand, take weeks to read, fill your soul, and last a lifetime. They also look good on your bookshelf. And some of them go a long way towards getting you laid.”

Now Fletcher is gearing up for another reading and a launch party with a twist at the Kleinert/James Arts Center in Woodstock from 5-7pm on Saturday (November 7).

The event includes a reading and a wine and hors d’ouevres reception, but also a panel discussion about the various music scenes of New York City. Joining Fletcher in the panel conversation will be:
Tommy Ramone (the Ramones)
Eric Weissberg (The Tarriers, “Duelling Banjos”)
Elda Gentile (The Stilletos)
Fred Smith (Television)

Admission is free.

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