Now That’s a Rockin’ Box Set!

Somebody had to do it.

And we honestly don’t know how Kiss could have possibly overlooked this outrageous packaging ploy. But they did.

So it was up to AC/DC, who beat ’em to the punch with today’s release of the limited edition collector’s box set of “Backtracks.”

What do you get?

1 vinyl LP
2 DVDs
3 CDs
A 164-page quality hardcover coffee table photo book
Reproductions of memorabilia from the band’s earliest days of touring, including button, sticker, guitar pick, poster, temporary tattoo.

It all comes packaged inside of an actual working guitar amplifier.

The cost? $199 plus shipping and handling.

Or for you wimps out there, you can also get the not-so-limited edition box set of “Backtracks,” which features a pair of CDs and a DVD.

Which one do you need?


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  1. Andrew Gregory says

    Answer – Get the set with the amp! But, does it go to 11?

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