LIVE: Brian Wilson @ The Egg, 11/10/09

BrianWilson01“I’m glad you could all be here tonight for a concert by the Rolling Stones,” declared Brian Wilson at the start of his show at The Egg on Tuesday evening. Then he and his unbelievably excellent 10-piece band launched into “The Monster Mash.”

I guess when you’re Brian Wilson you can pretty much say (and play) anything that you want.

Some other notable quotes from Mr. Wilson during Tuesday’s show:

“Here’s one the Rolling Stones would not be able to play, I’m telling you. This is a ballad from us.” – his introduction to “Please Let Me Wonder”

“This never made it on the charts, but it remains one of the best songs I ever produced.” – his introduction to “The Little Girl I Once Knew”

“That’s a good one. I wrote that.” – at the conclusion of “Add Some Music to Your Day”

“Sit back, and we’ll take care of business.” – his introduction to the back-to-back car songs, “Shutdown” and “Little Deuce Coupe”

“My mother taught me not to hate anything or anybody. But I’ll tell you one thing – this next song I do not like.” – his introduction to “Sloop John B”

“OK, we got that one out of the way.” – at the conclusion of “Sloop John B”

“Here comes one now that could be my best songwriting achievement.” – his introduction to “God Only Knows”

“It’s Chuck Berry time!” – his introduction to “Johnny B. Goode,” the first encore of the night

“Good night, everybody. Thanks for the rock ‘n’ roll.” – at the conclusion of “Love and Mercy,” his sixth encore to end the show

You can read my review of the show in the Times Union.

Photographs by Rick Bedrosian

The Monster Mash
Do It Again
Dance, Dance, Dance
Catch a Wave
Surfer Girl
In My Room
Salt Lake City
Custom Machine
Desert Drive
Please Let Me Wonder
Don’t Worry, Baby
I Get Around
Heroes & Villians
Roll Around Heaven/California Girls
Their Hearts Were Full of Spring (a cappella)
The Little Girl I Once Knew
All Summer Long
Add Some Music to Your Day
Little Deuce Coupe
Do You Wanna Dance
Sloop John B
Row, Row, Row Your Boat
Wouldn’t It Be Nice
God Only Knows
Midnight’s Another Day
I’m Goin’ Home
Southern California
Good Vibrations
Johnny B. Goode
Help Me, Rhonda
Barbara Ann
Surfin’ USA
Fun, Fun, Fun
Love and Mercy

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  1. skfl says

    he’s dead-on about “The Little Girl I Once Knew” – one of my favorite singles around. i gotta hear it right now, in fact…

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