Meet the Meat Puppets – And Win!

In honor of the Meat Puppets’ upcoming concert on Friday (November 20), Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany is hosting a contest, and you could be the big winner of special Meat Puppet prizes.

Prizes? What prizes?

Well, two lucky winners will receive an amazingly cool, autographed poster featuring the cover art of the band’s classic 1984 album, “Meat Puppets II.”

In addition, two more winners will be awarded an autographed copy of the Meat Puppets’ new comeback album, “Sewn Together”.

How do you enter?

Simply e-mail your name and e-mail address to:
[email protected]
and in the subject line write: “Valentine’s – Meat Puppets Contest.” Each e-mail received will be automatically entered into the contest. No contestant can win more than one prize.

The winners and their prizes will be announced on the Meat Puppets MySpace site, as well as on the Valentine’s Music Hall website.

Winners with a valid concert ticket will meet and greet the band backstage at the Meat Puppets show at Valentine’s on Friday evening, and collect their prize.

The deadline for all e-mail entries is 2pm Wednesday (November 19).

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