LIVE: Timber Timbre @ Valentine’s Music Hall, 11/17/09

Oh, Albany, you missed a good one. Far fewer than a dozen people witnessed the downtown debut of Canada’s Timber Timbre at Valentine’s Music Hall on Tuesday night (November 17), but those who were there won’t soon forget it.

Imagine Chris Isaak singing Nick Cave songs with Calexico. Only better. Much better.

Taylor Kirk sat behind his lone kick drum wielding a silver Telecaster and digging into some dark hollow of his young soul in search of songs like “Demon Host,” “Until The Night Is Over” and “I Get Low.”

Each was extracted like a tooth, and given shimmering (or screaming) accompaniment from Mika Posen’s fiddle and Simon Trotter’s lap steel guitar (and occasional autoharp).

Kirk and crew (who will land at Joe’s Pub in New York on Friday, November 19) looped odd sounds – including train whistle, shakers and noseflute — to create a cacophony that exploded between passages of “I Love You Like A Mountain,” making for a dynamic soft/loud din that would have done Nirvana proud had they honestly slept the night in a forest.

It was all beautiful, black and sad in a Spaghetti-Western kind of way.

Oh, Albany, look ‘em up, do.

Review by Bokonon

  1. BlueFern says

    OH dang! I wanted to go but competely forgot!
    I hope they’ll return some day…

  2. HojoHi5 says

    Less than a dozen people? Oh, I’m sure they’ll want to come back to Albany reeeeeeel soon.

  3. joe says

    can’t say it is unexpected that that few people showed up. the show was pretty poorly advertised. if i had known about it more than 15 minutes before the start time, i would have been there.

  4. hojohifive says

    Again with the personal invitations?
    Pick up a Metroland, get the TU Preview, listen to WEXT, add Nippertown to your favorites, bookmark the Valentines website etc. It was listed weeks in advance. Regular type on the printed page, in a clear voice on the radio.

  5. [email protected] says

    Joe, we here at did our best to give you the heads-up on the Timber Timbre show, running an advance story on Friday, October 30 and a reminder again on the day of the show (Tuesday, November 17), posting two different music videos – “Demon Host” and “We’ll Find Out.” How can we better serve your entertainment needs?

  6. joe says

    i’m not blaming you guys at all. if anything, it is my fault for not checking here often enough because really, you guys seem to have it all covered.

    it just struck me as a bit frustrating that valentine’s didn’t have the show on their website, at least to my knowledge (and i check pretty regularly), and it wasn’t on any of the other concert date related places that i check (pollstar, lastfm, etc).

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