Jon Fishman, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

JonFishman“The first one I ever bought? Well, it might have been a Queen album. Either that or a Led Zeppelin album, maybe. I was probably about eight years old or something. But I can’t really remember.

Actually, the first one I ever bought was probably something by Captain Kangaroo. I used to but Halloween sound effects albums. And there was that one that I had called ‘News of the World’ that was like some guy talking, introducing all of these famous news clips like the Hindenberg crashing and stuff like that.

My mother got me a Mahavishnu Orchestra album at a garage sale, and that changed my life. I think I was around 13. ‘Visions of the Emerald Beyond.’ She bought it because it had a nice cover.”

Drummer Jon Fishman reunites with his bandmates in Phish for a two-night stand at the Times Union Center in Albany on Friday and Saturday (November 27-28).

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