Real Good for Free: The Blisterz / Vincent Zandri @ Albany Public Library, 12/4/09

Here’s something you don’t find on your entertainment calendar every day.

Nippertown rock trio the Blisterz will be playing an acoustic show at the Albany Public Library in conjunction with the book publication party for local author Vincent Zandri‘s latest novel, “Moonlight Falls.”


Well, if you didn’t already know, Zandri is also the Blisterz’s drummer. A longtime member of both the Nippertown literary and rock scenes, Zandri has previously published such novels as “As Catch Can” and “Godchild” and drummed with such bands as Charmboy, Cost of Living and one of the great early ’80s bands, the Verge.

Sponsored by the Upstate Artists Guild, the party, reading and performance will take place at 6pm Friday, coinciding with the monthly First Friday arts walk.

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  1. Vincent Zandri says

    Hey Sarge,
    Thanks for the nod…For any interested readers, here’s the ITW review of Moonlight Falls:


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