From Pogues to Potatoes: Finally, a Reality Show That We Can Sink Our Teeth Into – Except Star Shane MacGowan

ShaneMacGowanThis is so surreal that we can’t even imagine it as a Monty Python skit.


The Pogues’ bandleader Shane MacGowan is starring in a new upcoming “reality TV show” about growing vegetables.

MacGowan and his girlfriend Victoria Mary Clarke star in “Victoria and Shane Grow Their Own,” in which the couple apparently attempts to take a real-life go at trying to live by the concepts of the 1970s back-to-the-earth Brit sitcom, “The Good Life.”

“Victoria and Shane Grow Their Own” is slated to be broadcast on RTE One Irish national television channel at 10:15pm on Tuesday (December 8).

  1. Andy Gregory says

    Perhaps Sean Rowe could give them some tips 😉

  2. hojohifive says

    Shane’s dentist don’t work too hard….

  3. Sara says

    And I had to look long and hard for a photo that kind.

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