Real Good for Free: CRUMBS Nite Out @ The Linda, 12/10/09

Heads up!

The big upcoming holiday tends to wreak havoc with a lot of monthly schedules, including CRUMBS Nite Out. The free concert ‘n’ panel discussion typically takes place on the last Thursday of each month at The Linda in Albany, but Christmas has shuffled the deck, and instead the Nite Out will take place on Thursday (December 10).

The featured performers this month are Three Quarter North, who are utilizing the evening to celebrate the release of their debut CD, “North by Northeast.” The acoustic quartet fuses together folk, bluegrass, jug band and country music, but their repertoire also dips into the songbags of Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead.

Showtime for Three Quarter North is 7pm Thursday, but the doors open at 6pm to allow time for some pre-show music community networking.

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