Bad Christmas Songs

There’s simply no shortage of ’em, is there?

I was going to post one a day of those truly awful, almost unlistenable or dreadfully bizarre Christmas songs. But you see, someone here at just doesn’t like Christmas songs at all. Not the good ones. And certainly not the bad ones.

So rather than trying to post stuff that’s going to ruin someone else’s holiday season (and put me in the doghouse for the rest of the year), let me just point you toward “The Splatto Festival” on WBCR-LP in Great Barrington, Mass., which has done my dirty work for me. Hosted by the ever-popular Paul Rapp, “The Splatto Festival” is broadcast on WBCR-LP from 3-5pm Fridays.

Check out the playlist, and then download the whole thing for free. Of course, if you want to make a donation to the not-for-profit radio station while you’re at it, that would be a nice thing to do. And don’t forget that someone is checking to see whether you’re being naughty or nice…

By the way, bad Christmas music continues on “The Splatto Festival” from 3-5pm Friday (December 18), as Rapp and his crew team up with special guest John Pizzarelli for “Xmas From Hell ’09, Part II.” Let’s hope this time they finally play Mike Love’s “Santa’s Going to Kokomo”…

  1. Andy Gregory says

    Greg, that made me laugh, sadly shaking my head, knowingly.
    It’s all a matter of perception.
    You know, if you replaced all references to Christmas with, say, the words “fluffy bunnies”, it’s not a holiday song at all!

  2. [email protected] says

    Hmmm… “Have a Holly Jolly Fluffy Bunny,” “I’ll Be Home for Fluffy Bunny,” “Rockin’ Around the Fluffy Bunny Tree”…. Yes indeed, Andy, I think you’re onto something.

  3. paul rapp says

    We stream online at
    Thanks Nippertown! You’re the best blog-friend a guy could have!

  4. Ted Potrikus says

    Ya see, Paul … I TOLD you that someone out there wants a little Mike Love in his stocking!

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