The Name Game

There seems to be change in the air.

At least for a couple of Nippertown music scenemakers.

First up is 28N, the north country two-piece with a maximum sound. The twosome recently announced that they’ve changed their name to Barkeater. You can check out guitarist-vocalist Hank Banks and drummer Rusty Jones sporting their new band moniker at an upcoming gig at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany on Thursday, January 21.

Now, Matthew Loiacono – ex-Kamikaze Heart, Collar City Records honcho, solo performer and all-around musicman-about-town – is making a name change, too.

“After much thought and friend-idea-bouncing, I’ve decided that from now on, my ‘solo music project,’ which involves anything from playing songs alone with a mandolin, looping and stacking layers of guitars and vocals, singing over a sampler and much more will be known as Matthew Carefully,” Loiacono recently posted on his Matthew-Land website.

Matthew Carefully
Matthew Carefully
Why? Well, let’s face it, a lot of people have difficulty pronouncing “Loiacono,” let alone spelling it correctly, so it makes sense.

And as Loiacono adds, “Well… I like the ring of it, and it will remind me to NOT be so careful about everything.”

You can catch the freshly dubbed Mr. Carefully in action at the Iron Horse Horse Music Hall in Northampton, Mass. on Thursday, January 7, where he’ll step into the spotlight to contribute to an all-star tribute concert, “Don’t Do Me Like That: A Tribute to Tom Petty,” along with Ray Mason, Francy Trash, Ben Demerath, the Grownup Noise, Orange Crush and many others.

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