The Present-Day Composer Refuses to Die…

Today marks the 69th anniversary of the birth of one of the greatest American composers of the rock era – Frank Vincent Zappa.

From “Who Are the Brain Police?” to “Peaches en Regalia” to “Black Napkins” and beyond, Zappa’s music consistantly pushed the envelope, and even now – 16 years after his death – Zappa continues to be a major influence on the contemporary rock scene.

Here’s a clip from the 22-year-old (pre-Mothers) Zappa’s television debut on “The Steve Allen Show” in 1963, playing a duet for two bicycles, pre-recorded electronic tape and show band:

And don’t forget: Zappa tribute band Project/Object is scheduled to rock Revolution Hall in Troy on Saturday, January 9, joined by Mothers alum Ray White and Ike Willis.

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  1. Andy M. says

    You are what you is. Music is the BEST!

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