Matt Mac Haffie’s Top 10 Albums of 2009

Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown
Green Day: 21st Century Breakdown

10 Aimee Bobruk – “The Safety Match Journals” (did you miss this Austin, TX songbird live at the Beat Shop in Troy?)
09 La Roux – “La Roux” (revisionist 80s synth pop done right, oh and yes good hair)
08 Ashley Pond Band – “The Warning” (Ashley incorporates the full band to great effect)
07 John Brodeur – “Get Through” (would have preferred a Maggie Mayday full band release)
06 HuDost – “Trapeze” (Western Mass. space rockers led by Moksha Sommer)
05 The Decemberists – “The Hazards of Love” (Newport darlings)
04 The Church – “Untitled #23” (as good as ever and that is very good indeed)
03 Phoenix – “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” (I’m not immune to this kind of stuff, Phoenix always good)
02 Wilco – “Wilco (The Album)” (not on a lot of lists, and I don’t know why)
01 Green Day – “21st Century Breakdown” (as close as the current generation is ever going to get to “London Calling”)

Footnote: 2009 was a very good year for cover art.

Matt Mac Haffie
Matt Mac Haffie: contributing writer/photographer; eligible bachelor; A/V geek at the Arts Center of the Capital Region

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  1. steve fucking kilbey says

    only 4??????
    ONLY FOUR?????!!!

  2. mary finn says

    I know steve thats what i was thinking as well, only 4?? why not 1???

  3. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Well Sir Steve,

    It is fairly well known that playing Green Day can alleviate comas in 9 year olds; that and 1/2 bottle of gin fall short of the magnitude of bribe required to cull the coveted top spot on my Top 10.

    As for your army of “The Time Being” Blogger followers, I will not be swayed.

    Your 5 O’clock shadow
    Matt Mac haffie

  4. JW says

    Gotta Love those Dosts and Kilbeys too. Nice list. Thanks for listening deep…
    Why not the Hall & Oates box set tho??? David Rawlins Machine would be in mine 🙂

  5. Aimee says

    Thanks Matt!
    That makes me smile big.
    I’m passing the post on to Jonny Boy!

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