Doing Something Real About Breast Cancer Awareness

By now you’ve probably heard about last week’s Facebook meme asking women to post the color of their bra as a means to raise awareness about breast cancer. On the plus side, the idea caught on like wildfire. On the minus side, um, how exactly does this contribute to the cause? I mean, it kind of like signing an internet petition; it might make you feel good momentarily but ultimately doesn’t do anything. Or does it? It did manage to engender a vigorous debate, so it looks like it worked!

If you want to do something beyond debating the merits of a meme-flash, make sure you get the proper screenings and encourage your friends and family to get screened as well. Hope you’ve got insurance.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts, free cancer screenings for the uninsured have been eliminated in Massassachusetts.

In New York, the program has been cut back but some free options are available for breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening, while funds last. Click here for a list of resources, organized by county.

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