Jason’s Upstairs Bar Shutters Its Doors

Jason’s Upstairs Bar, the premier live music showcase nightclub in Hudson, is closing at the end of the month.

The reason apparently isn’t the current economic situation, but rather on-going noise complaints from neighboring gallery owner Peter Jung.

A posting on Jason’s Facebook page on Tuesday declared:

“So folks…it’s true. Jason’s is closing its doors at the end of the month. It would seem that the power of one neighborhood individual’s talent of complaint has robbed us all of our right to party, see shows and in some cases, even make a living. It’s a fact when your mother told you that one rotten apple could spoil the whole basket.”

In the meantime, the shows scheduled for this month at Jason’s will go on as planned, including:

Saturday, January 16, 5pm, $5
Bears With Wings with the Emergency Empire

Saturday, January 23, 9pm, $10
Vetiver with Kevin Barker

Plans are also currently underway for a “final-night, keg-drainer, all-day bonanza” at the end of January. Stay tuned to Nippertown.com for details as soon as they are announced.

In recent months, Jason’s Upstairs Bar has hosted such acts as Eclectic Method, the Akron Family, American Music Club’s Mark Eitzel, the Defibulators and Chris Pureka, as well as such local favorites as Mother Fletcher, the Last Conspirators, Disposable Rocket Club, Lunic, the Blisterz, the Charlie Watts Riots, Blackcat Elliot and more.

Owner Jason Schermerhorn has also promised, “And lastly, Jason’s will be back in a new form shortly.”

  1. Bekcs says

    This is so stupid. If you want to live someplace quiet, move to the suburbs.

  2. Tim Livingston says

    Jason’s is THE BEST club in the Hudson Valley and has been a “home-base” for the Last Conspirators over the years. They have always supported local music and the staff is great! It will be a major loss musically but also to the livelihood of a lot of people. The Last Cons hope to be a part of the “Last Hurrah” there and we will keep you posted. Long Live Jason’s!!!

  3. Bill Patterson says

    Saw the Detroit Cobras there. Coolest band in the universe. Period.

  4. What? says

    What do noise complaints have to do with Jason’s shutting down?

  5. tommy says

    this is probably the best venue I’ve ever played at…great staff, bartenders, regulars. Everybody there is so helpful and just plain nice. what a shame…

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