Helping in Haiti

We posted earlier about benefit concerts by James Taylor and DBR and the Mission. Here’s a small sampling of some other Haitian relief efforts in our area. Anyone know of any more?

New World Home Cooking in Saugerties is holding a fund-raiser for The Haitian People’s Support Project tomorrow (Wednesday) from 6-10pm with live music and a pot luck meal. Minimum donation is $7.

From Musica comes word that local Haitian community activist Carline Murphy received the news that her daughter, who was visiting Haiti when the quake hit, is safe, but her father, five of her brothers and sisters and 13 nieces and nephews are still missing.

Carline reports that the major relief agencies will indeed deliver aid, but it is more generalized, and many international aid sources target their aid for the areas where their own nationals are clustered.

A tireless organizer, Carline is working to fill a 40-foot container with needed supplies and to have it delivered directly to a location where her own relatives, and relatives of our local Haitian neighbors, will get it. She has asked that friends send monetary donations to her not-for-profit agency, the Haitian Community Development Project, P.O. Box 35, Niverville, NY 12130.

UAlbany’s J. Eric Smith announced that University Auxiliary Services will match your donation to relief efforts:

I’m giving up my marketing budget for the rest of the school year to provide a one-for-one match on all gifts given to the University at Albany Haiti Relief Fund up to $40,000. If you want to double the value of your contribution and/or be part of the UAlbany response, see:

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