LIVE: Beaucoup Blue @ Caffe Lena, 1/15/10

Nationally touring in support of “Free to Fall,” Beaucoup Blue‘s third indie-release, the father-and-son team of David and Adrian Mowry, rolled into Saratoga Springs’ Caffe Lena to present an exceptional evening of roots-based Americana music.

Whether singing and playing acoustic blues, country, bluegrass, folk songs, jazzy R&B or ’60s soul, the Philadelphia-based duo made it all sound so authentically timeless.

David’s percussive approach to the acoustic guitar and his screaming-slide virtuosity on the resonator guitar blended perfectly with his son Adrian’s more melodic and intricate finger-picking style.

On every style of music, their voices smoothly complemented each other – Adrian’s mid-tones soaring into the alto register while his father’s more soulful-bluesy tenor reached down into the lower notes.

That night at Caffe Lena singer-songwriter Trina Hamlin opened the show with her emotionally charged and blues-drentched vocal delivery of a half-dozen originals. And weilding a harmonica, she also joined Beaucoup Blue on for a turbo-charged encore in front of a packed house.

Photographs and review by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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