It’s Contest Time! Win tickets to Jeremy Wade’s “there is no end to more” @ EMPAC

We have two pairs of tickets to Jeremy Wade’s “there is no end to more” next week at EMPAC at RPI in Troy that we will give away to lucky Nippertown readers!

To win a pair of tickets, all you have to do is send us an email at [email protected]. Please include your phone number and specify which night you want to enter for: Thursday, January 28 or Friday, January 29. Both shows start at 8pm.

Jeremy Wade’s “there is no end to more” delves into Japanese kawaii (cute) culture – from the infantile fluff of Hello Kitty to the doe-eyed teenage love stories of anime – and its ubiquitous global influence. Through dance, stories, animation and video, Wade peeks under the slick, silly surface of kawaii to reveal its more insidious subtext, in which societal norm becomes aberration and consumption gives way to delusion. The result is a funny yet disembodied spectacle in the style of a children’s television show that exposes our relationship to the “endless more” that exists just beyond our grasp.

The Small Print: you can enter for both dates but only one entry per date, please. Winners will be chosen at random next week.

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