“Peoples Pixel Project” @ Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe, 2/6/10

Last fall, the Lake George Arts Project initiated “Peoples Pixel Project,” putting out a call for entries for original short videos (3-5 minutes long) by filmmakers living within 75 miles of Lake George.

Now, the “Peoples Pixel Project” award finalists have been announced in each of the six different categories.

The finalists will be screened at 7pm on Saturday, February 6 at the Rock Hill Bakehouse Cafe in Glens Falls.

Tickets are $10. Seating is limited. To purchase advance tickets call LGAP: 518.668.2616 or Rock Hill Bakehouse: 518.615.0777.

All entries for P3 can be viewed at the Lake George Arts Project, where a continuous loop will be on view during gallery hours throughout the month of February. The award finalists will also be on view in the lobby of Aimie’s Dinner & Movie in Glens Falls from February 2-12.

Here’s one of the finalists – Faith Griffiths‘ “Stomach Stones” – from the animated category:

Here’s the complete list of finalists:

“A Work in Progress” by Peter Koehler, Ryan Nearney, Mark Stenson
“Big Sack of Wind” by ZBS Foundation, Tom Lopez
“Breaking Up” by Jeff Burns
GET REEL (documentary):
“Balancing the Silo” by Christopher Phelps
“Farm Raised: Grassroots Cycling in Upstate NY” by Kevin Ankeny
U14 (by artists 14 years old and younger):
“Charles Shultz” by Jed Moody
“Julie Andrews” by Isla McGlauflin
“My Feet” by Cassady, Jane Prince
“Ice Up” by Sam Bowser, Henry Kaiser
“Talk to the Hand” by Chris Murphy
“Technologically Organic” by Jaime Bernat
“Little, Man” by Fletcher Conlon
“Roberry” by James Belcastro, Matt Cioffi
“Stomach Stones” by Faith Griffiths
TUNES (music related video with original music):
“Resty’s Music Video” by John Yost
“Weapons Of Math Instruction” by the Mathematicians
“X= e23” by Shawn Snow

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