Odds & Ends @ The End of the Week

Last Vestige in Saratoga (Facebook page) is closing on February 1, and they’re having a boffo moving sale through Sunday, with 30% off new items and 50% off used items. In-store only, Saratoga location only.

Chuckle of the day, from Simon’s good ideas for websites:


A website where you can upload a picture of your chair and then if anyone trys to use your chair and you say “thats my chair” and they say “has it got your name on it” you can send them a link to your photo of the chair which will have the caption ‘this is (your name)’s chair’.

(Thanks, David Greenberger!)

Whoa, wrap your brain around this one: A Tool To Deceive and Slaughter is a black, acrylic box that perpetually attempts to sell itself on eBay. If you win the auction, you must agree to the purchase agreement, which stipulates that once you receive it you must connect it to the internet so it can try to sell itself again. Caleb Larsen, its creator, will receive 15% of any increase in its value in subsequent sales. Here’s a description of the work in Wired Magazine.

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