POP QUIZ: The Knick/The Pepsi/The TU Center

(Note: Okay, I spazzed out and accidentally posted the answers instead of the questions to this quiz this morning, so no fair answering if you’ve already seen the answers. – Sara)

As we mentioned earlier this week, Saturday marks the 20th anniversary of Albany’s Knickerbocker Arena. And, of course, the gala grand opening on January 30, 1990 was headlined by Frank Sinatra.

But in typical corporate fashion, the county has since sold the naming rights to the arena twice. And over the years, the building has become the Pepsi Arena and now is currently known as the Times Union Center.

So today’s two-part quiz is:

1. Who played the first concert at the Pepsi Arena?

2. And who played the first concert at the Times Union Center?

Just hit the comment line below with your responses. We’ll post the answers on Monday.

  1. Greg says

    Operator error!

  2. Bekcs says

    Was it U2 at the Pepsi? I got thrown out of that show by an over-zealous and self-important security guard, but I don’t remember when it was.

  3. dale says

    frank sinatra was the first concert at the knick…tom petty the first rock and roll show at the knick.as far as the pepsi not sure

  4. dale says

    guess i did not read the question right tho…..

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