2/10/10: Today’s Tips: Wednesday

DINNER/TALK: Margaret Wertheim‘s “Mathematics as Poetic Enchantment” @ Evelyn’s Cafe at EMPAC at RPI, Troy. The internationally-noted science writer and curator Wertheim is one of those rare individuals who can convey the magic of mathematics even to the barely numerate. In this lively talk, she’ll do so over dinner, discussing her work with the Institute For Figuring, a Los Angeles-based organization devoted to the poetic and aesthetic dimensions of science and mathematics. The topics will range from mathematic origami to non-Euclidean geometry, symmetry groups and logic. 6pm. $15 (includes dinner).

MUSIC: “Dancing On the Air” @ The Linda, Albany. For this month’s edition of “Dancing on the Air,” co-hosts Jay Ungar and Molly Mason welcome the husband-and-wife duo of Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion (who will be playing a Haitian relief benefit at the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield, Mass. on Sunday), as well as Mist Covered Mountains, a new Celtic folk quartet led by fiddler Donna Hebert. 8pm. $12.

ARTIST WORKSHOP: Tricks of the Trade, a workshop series for artists on getting your work shown @ Lichtenstein Center for the Arts, Pittsfield. Gail and Phil Sellers, owners of River Hill Pottery, will discuss fairs, festivals, open studios and trade shows. Free but is registration required.

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