Happy Birthday, Smokey Robinson

Celebrating his 70th birthday today is the man that Bob Dylan proclaimed as “America’s greatest living poet,” Motown music master Smokey Robinson.

Roger Green commemorates the event at his Information Without the Bun site, astutely noting that “anyone who could write ‘My Girl’ AND ‘My Guy’ is the consummate songwriter.”

But Roger overlooked my all-time favorite Smokey tune – which is understandable considering that Robinson penned more than 400 songs.

So here’s a vintage ’60s clip of my fave, “Ooo Baby Baby,” from the British pop show, “Ready, Steady, Go”:

Happy Birthday, Smokey Robinson.

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  1. Roger Green says

    thanks. I love that song too.

    I was doing research on commercial jingles and came across this link: http://www.phrases.org.uk/bulletin_board/32/messages/886.html
    The relevant part: “Irresistible jingles may soon rest in peace” by Greg Haymes, Albany Times Union, reprinted in The Courier Journal, Louisville , Ky., June 21, 2004.

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