So Now We Know Why People REALLY Read The Times Union…


The most recent post on the Times Union’s “Don’t Touch My Comics” blog was waaaaaay back in July when the blog warned that “Maintaining,” Nate Creekmore’s comic strip about an inter-racial teen would end in August. That was more than six months ago…

But then last week, the blog was revived bigtime with the announcement that – gasp! – the TU was thinking of pulling the plug on the venerable “Mark Trail,” the only continuing serial strip still published in the daily Times Union.

“Trail” has always been a love-it or hate-it lightning rod, and that’s obviously still the case with more than 100 reader comments pouring into the blog in less than a week.

Ah, so do folks really buy the daily Times Union to read “Mark Trail”? Really?

And what are all of those TU subscribers going to do when they discover that there’s no more TV listings magazine beginning on Sunday, February 28?

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