“Hello Pretty City” Jumps From WRPI to WEXT

Laura Glazer (photo by Joe Putrock)
Laura Glazer (photo by Joe Putrock)
Delightfully eclectic, helium-voiced disc jockey and fine arts photographer Laura Glazer has been hosting her award-winning radio show, “Hello Pretty City,” on WRPI-FM (RPI’s college radio station) every week since 2003.

It’s currently broadcast out of Troy between 7-9am – that’s right, it’s FM in the am – on Tuesday mornings. Admittedly, those certainly aren’t the hippest, most accessible hours, but Glazer was doing just fine with them. And over the years, she’s built a considerable following of regular listeners, both on the air and streaming live over the internet.

That’s all about to change, however, as WRPI’s final broadcast of “Hello Pretty City,” hits the airwaves at 7am on Tuesday, March 2.

Last week, Glazer snagged a job as a marketing specialist at Albany Medical Center, and she’s very happy about it. But, unfortunately, the job doesn’t allow her the opportunity to continue doing her WRPI radio show.

Glazer recently admitted that it “would be super-cool is to take ‘Hello Pretty City’ to another radio station that has more flexible hours,” and it seems as though that’s exactly what she’s done.

So “Hello Pretty City” is moving – from WRPI-FM to WEXT-FM next month. There’s no official word yet on a start-up date for “Hello Pretty City” at WEXT-FM, but we’ll be sure to let you know as soon as a date is set.

Check out Jessica Pasko’s interview with Glazer in The Record.

“In the meantime, I’m organizing a fucking rad concert downstairs at Valentine’s on Friday, March 5,” Glazer gushes with her usual gusto. “The last concert was super-well attended and will have been exactly five years ago to the day.”

The “Hello Pretty City” concert at Valentine’s Music Hall in Albany will feature: The Charlie Watts Riots (“Aw yeah!” says Glazer), Pony in the Pancake (“Have you heard them lately? They’re sounding goooood.”), Hudson-based roots trio the Landlines and headliners Brown Bird (“Their show at the Madison Grill last month was awesome, and they’re super-excited to be coming back to the area”).

  1. Matt Mac Haffie says

    Now that’s what I call Radio! Laura is so deserving of this and Albany wins!

  2. Ed says

    So WRPI lets Hello Pretty City go because it can’t make an allowance for LG’s work schedule? It’s college radio isn’t it? It’s wall to wall Hair-man-do for chrissake.

  3. Brian says


    I’m a currently active member (and, until December, was the program director) of WRPI. To my knowledge, Laura never asked to move her show slot and we at WRPI only became aware of the move to WEXT when we saw it in the Troy Record. I’m assuming she saw no open slots on the schedule that would have worked for her new time constraints and so she decided to move the show to WEXT. That being said, I wish all the best to her and hope she stays in contact with us at WRPI (and stops by to visit when she can).

  4. Jo says

    yay for WEXT,but the bummer for me is that I have a hard time(well pretty much impossible unless the stars aline just so) pulling in WEXT in my car or at home. Will miss hearing her on my tuesday commute

  5. Gail says

    I’ll miss driving into work with Laura and HPC. It would be great if WEXT picked her up at the same time so I could groove on down the highway with great music!

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