Keller Williams, What Was the First Album You Ever Bought?

“I think it was Kiss’ ‘Destroyer.’ I don’t know if Kiss is a direct mainline influence on what I’m doing now, but all of the music I’ve heard has had some influence on me.

According to my parents, the first music that I was drawn to at age three was Buck Owens and Roy Clark on ‘Hee Haw.’ ”

Jam-band fave Keller Williams returns to the Capital Region at 9pm on Saturday (March 13) for a solo performance at Northern Lights in Clifton Park.

  1. LiLi says

    Yea, another Kiss fan!

    I liked ‘Hee Haw’ too.

  2. Andy M. says

    I was a victim of both of those pop culture phenomena as well. Whenever I want to crack my wife up I’ll just start singing the beginning of the song “Pffft! You Was Gone”.

  3. LiLi says

    RE: the song “Pffft! You Was Gone”.

    Loved that song!

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