It’s the Battle of the Battle of the Bands

First, the College of Saint Rose and The Times Union teamed up to sponsor a battle of the bands that they’ve dubbed “Garage to Glory.”

Now the Saratoga Performing Arts Center has teamed up with WEQX-FM for its own battle of the bands, which they’ve dubbed “SPAC Battle of the Bands.”

Like the “Garage to Glory” competition, band submissions for the SPAC battle must be made through YouTube. One of the ten finalists will be selected by online voting; the others will be chosen by the panel of judges: Ten Year Vamp’s Debbie Gabrione, restauranteur-blogger Matt Baumgartner and WEQX’s Jason Irwin. Deadline for entries is Wednesday, April 14.

The ten finalists will each perform a 15-minute set on Friday, May 21. (No, your band won’t get the chance to play on the big SPAC stage. The competition is being held in the 500-seat Spa Little Theater.)

The grand prize winner will receive a professionally recorded 5-song EP from The Recording Company, airplay on WEQX-FM, custom t-shirts, stickers and web presence on SPAC’s website through the end of the year.

NOTE: Although there’s no fee to enter the SPAC battle of the bands, all applicants must agree to purchase 25 tickets at $15 each (a total of $375, for you non-math majors) if selected as one of the 10 finalists. Hmmmm…

UPDATE: As of Monday, March 22, the obligation for bands to purchase tickets has been dropped. There is no entry fee.

Meanwhile, regarding the “Garage to Glory” battle, the finalists have been announced: 3MinutePop!, the Ill Funk Ensemble, the Providers, Try Sarah Topps and Saving Atlantis. Two bands – Lunic and Eric Margan & the Red Lions – dropped out of the competition because they were unable to perform at the final battle, which is being held at the College of St. Rose at 7pm on Friday, March 19.

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    Here we go IllFunk!

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