Be Here Now: Dancing On The Ceiling: Art + Zero Gravity @ EMPAC

Here’s one you don’t want to miss: EMPAC is hosting Dancing on the Ceiling: Art & Zero Gravity, a group exhibition exploring weightlessness on earth. Displayed in public spaces through the building, the show features works by Benjamin Bergmann, Denis Darzacq, Edith Dekyndt, Chris Doyle, Thom Kubli, William Forsythe, Julia Fullerton-Batten, Tomas Saraceno, Jane & Louise Wilson, and Xu Zhen.

Here’s a quote from EMPAC’s exhibition page:

The artworks in the exhibition deploy helium, parabolic flight, rigging, and digital effects. They feature floating performers, an upside-down kitchen, an isolation tank and skateboarders freed from physical laws. They evoke the golden age of space exploration and the dreams of the counter-culture. Dancing on the Ceiling is a provocative convergence of time-based photography, sculpture, installation, and video.

And here’s a documentary video showing Denis Darzacq photographing street dancers in a Paris suburb in a quest to capture them midair:

The exhibit opens this Thursday, March 18 at 6pm with an artist reception (and free exhibition catalogs while they last).

But wait, there’s more… At 7pm, there’s a talk by special effects legend Douglas Trumbull (“2001: A Space Odyssey,” “Close Encounters,” “Star Trek,” “Blade Runner”), followed by a free screening of Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece of science fiction cinema, “2001: A Space Odyssey” on EMPAC’s massive 56′ concert hall screen. That, my friends, is worth the trip right there.

The show will be open daily from noon to 6pm and continues through Saturday, April 10. Now if I could ONLY get that Lionel Ritchie song out of my head…

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  1. Jason Steven Murphy says

    Thanks for the shout, Nippertown! Cannot wait to see “2001” on the big screen with surround…

    And don’t sleep on getting your shot at 45 minutes in Thom Kubli’s commissioned installation “FLOAT!: Think Tank 21” – here’s the info:

    Thursday, March 18 – Saturday, April 10, 2010
    FLOAT!: Think Tank 21
    In conjunction with Thom Kubli’s newly commissioned installation for the exhibition, visitors can request up to a 45 minute session in the custom designed flotation tank. Please call 518.276.3921 to make an appointment, as space is limited.

    Hope to see some of you on Thursday night – get there at 6 for a free exhibition catalog (while supplies last) and a snack + beverage.

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