RIP Alex Chilton, 1950-2010

Memphis rocker Alex Chilton died in New Orleans on Wednesday of an apparent heart attack after collapsing while he was mowing the lawn. He was 59 years old.

The singer-songwriter-guitarist-producer was best known for his work in the soul-rock band the Box Tops in the ’60s and the power-pop band Big Star in the ’70s, although he also made a string of quirky, fiercely independent solo albums.

Read the story in The Memphis Commercial Appeal.

  1. Andy M. says

    Please see my blog for an appreciation of this great artist:

  2. michael eck says


    One of the weird greats. At QE2, I handed him a dollar with a request for “Jesus Christ” written on it. He said it wasn’t enough. After the show I told him he had to give my dollar back since he didn’t play the request.

    I ran into him a few times at cafes the summer I lived in New Orleans, but I let him be. He seemed strange enough on his own without having to be hassled by yet another eager fan itching to talk all things Big Star.

    Let’s listen to “Sister Lovers” and wish his spirit well.

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