LIVE: Daughtry @ the Times Union Center, 3/28/10

Surprisingly enough, Daughtry is a fully seasoned rock band. It’s also the vehicle with which former “American Idol” star Chris Daughtry accelerated and steered into becoming one of the top rock acts touring in the USA today. “American Idol” isn’t the place that you might go to launch a straight-up, no-frills rock band, but somehow Daughtry has pulled it off. With two platinum-selling, number one-charting rock albums under their collective belt, Daughtry is definitely doing something right.

On Sunday evening, the enthusiastic crowd at the Times Union Center let out a thunderous cheer to welcome Daughtry – the singer and the band – to the stage as a massive floor-to-ceiling white curtain fell, and the band slammed into overdrive.

Guitarists Josh Steely and Brian Craddock cranked out power chords that echoed throughout the arena. Bassist Josh Paul and drummer Joey Barnes laid down the solid, rhythmic foundation. And Chris Daughtry made the most of his spotlight time, singing with grit and passion into his microphone – and sometimes his electronic megaphone, too.

The songs from Daughtry’s sophomore album, “Leave This Town,” shot out like sparks in the night, igniting audience reactions – from dancing to loudly cheering their approval – all night long.

Daughtry’s got a big, powerhouse voice – what else would you expect from an “American Idol” alum? – and he made the most of it, nailing his quintessential arena-rock originals (especially “Home,” “Over You” and “No Surprise”), as well as covers of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” and an acoustic rendition of Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight.”

The St. Louis-based post-grunge band Cavo opened the show with a short set, but it was decade-long veteran rockers Lifehouse – led by charismatic singer-songwriter Jeremy Wade, who ventured out into the crowd – who really got the show rolling with a 45-minute, high-energy set in the middle slot.

Review and photographs by Andrzej Pilarczyk

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  1. JS says

    thank you for your nice review,I am a die hard Daughtry fan,I read another review that really upset me,Chris and the band are great guys and very talented..They are for their fans and fans are important to them.

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