Media Watch: Bolton Hyperbole?

Not to pick on the Daily Gazette, and hey, we know how difficult it is sometimes to come up with a lead for a review, especially when you’re writing under a tight, overnight deadline. And Daily Gazette reviewer David Singer usually does a pretty fine job, but…

Well, we just gotta call him on this one.

Here’s the lead to his review of the Michael Bolton concert at Proctors last Friday night:

“If you’re not sure what Michael Bolton sang or wrote to make him this famous, I’ll tell you: every song you can think of.”


  1. Kevin Marshall says

    “If you want to imagine what this concert was like, simply read the New Testament documentation of Jesus’s sermon on the mount, close your eyes, and imagine the glory of the Lord shining down on you from above. That is what I felt when he broke into “How Can We Be Lovers.” Simply glorious.”

  2. Sara says

    Wanna write for Nippertown? That’s good.

  3. Andrew Gregory says

    Well, David couldn’t very well start his review with “No-Talent @ssclown”. That’s already been used.

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