Wow Factor Ten

I know we should be discussing weightier matters, such as who should win the Bobblehead contest, or where to go to get your poodle clipped in Burbank, but instead we offer you a school play of “Scarface”:

  1. Andrew Gregory says

    Fudge is the new “F” word.

  2. Graceful J says

    It’s crazy how this has spread across the web with so many people taking it seriously.
    From the LA Times, “Tell all of your little friends: “Scarface School Play” is about as authentic as Al Pacino’s Cuban accent.” Here’s a link to the article about how the director made it with professional child actors in a rented theatre.

  3. Sara says

    Thanks for the link. Interesting. It hadn’t occurred to me that it could be fake.

    I didn’t quite get the moral outrage that seems to accompany it everywhere, and the Times article rightly makes the point that this isn’t something that kids can’t find everywhere else on television. The actors seem to be digging it, and having taught Flash programming to grade school kids, I can attest to the fact that boys of that age are fascinated with guns and blowing things up.

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