New SPAC Concert Announcement

John Mayer – rocker, sometime bluesman and ex-boyfriend to the stars – brings his Battle Studies Summer Tour to the Saratoga Performing Arts Center on Sunday, August 8.

San Francisco-based band Train will open the show, making it a homecoming show for Train drummer Scott Underwood, a Saratoga Springs native.

Tix are slated to go on sale to the general public at 10am on Saturday, April 17.

  1. Andy M. says

    Will he be “face soloing”? The dude makes some seriously disturbing faces when he plays. Oh, and he says really stupid things in interviews.

  2. Sara says

    Whoa, I think you’ve just invented new awards category….Face Soloing! At the Grammys, the R&R Hall of Fame, the American Music Awards…ground floor opportunity, everybody! Start practicing in front of a mirror…

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