Yay Us!

This is our 2000th post, and we haven’t even hit our first birthday yet.

Thank you all for your enthusiasm, encouragement and help in spreading the word about Nippertown.com.

  1. LiLi says


  2. -S says

    Congrats! Some really hard work for only two people, there is so much info here. In my book, one of the top local blog with AOA.

  3. Sara says

    Thank you, S and LiLi.

    I should note, however, that although Greg’s fingers are generating flames at this point, it’s not just two people; we rely on Andrzej’s fantastic photographs and reviews, and also ALL our other contributors, as well as our readers who keep encouraging us.

    I’m going to go do my happy dance again.

  4. Andrew Gregory says

    Wow, 2000 posts! That’s a lot of work, and well done! It’s great to have a site such as Nippertown!

  5. BobF says

    Damn! I just celebrated my 1500th post …but that took me nearly FIVE years! You guys are prolific! Congratulations.

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