“Moonlight Falls” Trailer

Some of you may know Vincent Zandri as the drummer for Nippertown rockers the Blisterz, but he’s also the author of such acclaimed thriller/suspense novels as “As Catch Can,” “Godchild” and “Permanence.”

His latest thriller is “Moonlight Falls,” and there’s a nifty new trailer for the book to help spread the word:

Zandri will be talking about his books, as well as playing some acoustic tunes with the Blisterz at the next CRUMBS Nite Out on Thursday, April 22 at The Linda in Albany. Admission is free.

  1. LiLi says

    That’s the first time I’ve ever seen a trailer for a book. Interesting!

  2. Vincent Zandri says

    Hey Lili
    with more and more books now electronically based, and with the new proliferation of virtual tours that promote online sales, book trailers are a must…my publicist had this one produced….

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