Media Watch: Sgt. Dunbar in The New York Times


Imagine our surprise (and delight) to open up The Sunday New York Times and see a photo of Nippertown’s own fave rag-tag band of roving troubadours Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned.

We almost missed it – and you might have, too – because it certainly wasn’t where we might have expected to find it.

No, not in the “Arts & Leisure” section. Not even in the “Sunday Styles” section. (Let’s face it, the Hobos do indeed have a style all their own.)

Instead, there they were in the “Sunday Business” section. Prominently featured in the story “You, Too, Can Bankroll a Rock Band” by Randall Stross, who interviewed Sgt. Dunbar’s Alex Muro.

The story was about bands utilizing fan-supported websites like SellaBand, PledgeMusic and Kickstarter, and it pointed out the Hobo Banned as a “success story” for raising more than $3,000 through Kickstarter to get the band to the SXSW festival in Austin last month.

Illustrating the story was a nice big photo of Sgt. Dunbar – in full-color, no less – as well as a screen-grab from their Kickstarter page.

Pretty cool, eh?

  1. Tom Muro says

    Sgt Dunbar and the Hobo Banned also wants to credit Patrick Dodson, our extraordinary photographer from Albany for making a bunch of Hobos look this good!

  2. Greg says

    Thanks for the photo credit to Mr. Dodson. Yes, he did a fine job, but the Hobos are always stylin’.

  3. Mike H. says

    And did you catch the Jason Martin cameo in this week’s “Talk of the Town” section in the New Yorker? Showing video art to the First Lady of France no less. The Hobos in the Times, Jason in the New Yorker, Phantogram getting namedropped by Spike Jonez – Smallbany, Schmallbany, the Capital Region is kicking serious bootay as of late!

  4. Sara says

    Wow, cool! Thanks for the heads up.

  5. Andrew Gregory says

    And to throw a little extra in here, according to Lunic’s April newsletter, they too were interviewed for the article, but ended up cut from the story. (fyi-Lunic funded & released their Lovethief record thru SellaBand)

  6. adam says

    Greg says:
    April 7, 2010 at 6:19 pm
    Thanks for the photo credit to Mr. Dodson. Yes, he did a fine job, but the Hobos are always stylin’.

    …and as proof…

    (scroll down a bit)

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