TV Time: Phantogram on IFC

The folks from TV cable channel IFC were down in Austin in full force for the big SXSW fest last month, and the station offered some pretty comprehensive coverage.

So when they boiled down the entire, sprawling shebang to just a 30-minute wrap-up, we pretty much figured that they’d stick with the big-name performers. And that’s what they did, for the most part.

But at the end of “The SXSW 2010 Wrap-Up Special,” there they are – Nippertown hometown heroes Phantogram churning through “Mouthful of Diamonds.” Pretty cool…

IFC will be re-airing “The SXSW 2010 Wrap-Up Special” at 11:35am on Tuesday; 1:30am on Thursday night (technically Friday morning); and 3:15pm Friday.

PS – The IFC website also has a really nifty photo of Sgt. Dunbar & the Hobo Banned, too.

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