Record Store Day, 4/17/10

Moby Grape Live
Saturday is National Record Store Day, so stop downloading for a few hours, turn off your computer and go out and support your fave vinyl or CD bricks ‘n’ mortar shop.

Let’s face, record stores are disappearing mighty fast these days. I know. I used to work at a couple of Nippertown’s finest indie record stores. Remember Just A Song in Albany and Records ‘N Such in Stuyvesant Plaza? I love record stores, and we’re betting that you do, too. After all, you are reading…

Lots of record companies both big and small are releasing special, limited edition discs in honor of Record Store Day. Coxsackie’s own Sundazed Music, for example, is releasing a special seven-inch, colored vinyl single of Moby Grape’s “Rounder” backed with a previously unreleased version of “Sitting by the Window,” available only on the single. Only 2,000 copies have been pressed, making this a real collector’s item. (“Rounder” will be included on Sundazed’s upcoming album release, “Live” by Moby Grape.)

Hopefully, you’ve still got a favorite record store that you frequent, but if not, may we make a few suggestions?

Last Vestige Music Shop, 173 Quail St., Albany
The River Street Beat Shop, 197 River St., Troy
Divinyl Revolution, 437 Broadway, Saratoga Springs
Rebel Sounds Records, 146-A North St., Pittfield
Toonerville Trolley Records, 131 Water St., Williamstown
Tune Street, 294 Main St., Great Barrington
Woodstock Music Shop, 18 Rock City Road, Woodstock
Ye Olde Hippie Shoppe, 69 Tinker St., Woodstock
The Blue Note Record Shop, 156 Central Ave., Albany (so old-school that they don’t have a website!)

  1. Andy M. says

    Viva la vinyl!

  2. Martyn says

    oow- are we talking about old-school record stores?

    what was the one in Colonie Centre?

    Personally, I spent a lot of time in World’s Records.

  3. Greg says

    Ah, World’s Records, a most groove-a-licious hangout. Still got my World’s Records t-shirt.

  4. OFI says

    Rhino Records, Music Shack, Upstate-611 Records Philly- Groove records Brooklyn -Sonic Groove records, 8ball Records and satellite Records NYC..ah the good old days……Long live Vinyl!!!!

  5. Graceful J says

    But are any of our favorite local musicians playing at any of our lil local independent record stores this year? I know last year me and my lil guy caught the Rambling Jug Stompers at the Beat Shop after just missing y’all (but getting a couple of good kids cds) at Last Vestige.

  6. michael eck says

    Record stores remain my favorite social networking site!

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