“Bookends” Opening at 5pm Today

These are books.
If you’re headed for the beach this summer, you might want to keep this equation in mind:

Sand + Electronics = Not A Good Idea

The solution for your vacay reading needs is something called a “book” and you can start stocking up now: Bookends, the used bookstore at Albany Public Library’s main branch, is having its grand opening at 5pm today.

They have more than 2000 books ready for perursal, with prices ranging from $1 for paperbacks to $5 for hardcovers. The current hours are Tuesday-Thursdays, 5-7pm, although they plan to expand those in the future. Proceeds from the sales will go to support projects and activities not covered by the library’s operating budget.

And because we’re greedy little readers, we’re going to ask…what’s your favorite used bookstore?

  1. Andrew Gregory says

    The Open Door (discount bin) & Books and Pieces (limited hours) on Jay St. in Schenectady.
    PS: I’ve found that hardcovers survive the beach much better than paperbacks.

  2. Chris says

    Book Barn in Latham! It’s a little on the clean side (I LIKE pawing through dusty shelves) but it’s got mucho books.

  3. Chris says

    And my favorite bookstore of all time is The Strand in Manhattan (although they renovated a few years back and and are now a little on the blonde wood / dust free side as well.

  4. Michael Poulopoulos says

    Dove and Hudson.

  5. RM says

    Papyri (also available through Amazon).

  6. Mike Hotter says

    Gotta agree with Mike, locally, Dove and hudson – though I almost always spend more than I intended to!

  7. LiLi says

    I don’t think there are any bookstores in Fulton or Montgomery County (if so, somebody please tell me) so I go to Amazon.com.

  8. Scott C. says

    You want dust? Capital Book Store, 402 Broadway. Or, as I thought it was called “BOOKS”.

  9. Sara says

    I remember that place. Wow. Is it still there? I would have thought it’d be a tanning salon by now.

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