Earth Day Everyday

Vintage Earth Day buttons
Vintage Earth Day buttons, circa 1970

It was 40 years ago tomorrow that the very first Earth Day was celebrated, heralding a growing awareness of environmental issues. Unfortunately, due to the late state budget, the plans for an Earth Day celebration at Empire State Plaza in Albany have been cancelled, but here are some other events slated for tomorrow:

UAlbany has a day-long schedule of activities planned, including a clothing/purse exchange, sustainability-themed student performances, a panel discussion by environmental experts and cooking demonstrations with locally-grown foods. FREE.

CDTA is offering free bus rides all day long for anyone wearing green tomorrow! FREE.

The New York State Museum is celebrating Earth Day on Saturday from 11am-4pm with eco-friendly presentations on topics ranging from nanotechnology to recyclable arts and crafts, wildlife seminars on the Hudson River’s six-foot Atlantic Sturgeon, the state’s official mammal (the beaver), monarch butterflies, and of course, Smokey the Bear. Fuel cell and solar cars will also be on display and be available for museum visitors to operate. FREE.

And if you’re in Massassachusetts, it’s a great time to trade in your old applicances for energy efficient models. The Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange is offering cash incentives, from $50 to $250 if you switch to a high-efficiency dishwasher, refrigerator, washing machine or freezer. (The offer starts on April 22 and expires on May 5, or when the funds run out, which is expected to be sooner.)

Whatever you do tomorrow, you should thank your lucky stars that you’re not on this cleanup detail:

Twenty Nepali climbers are setting off to Mount Everest this week to try and remove decades-old garbage from the mountain in the world’s highest ever clean-up campaign…The mountain has become known as being the world’s highest garbage dump. Many climbers leave their gear and trash behind as they descend due to exhaustion and lack of oxygen. (Reuters)

  1. Andrew Gregory says

    Button, upper left: I read it as “Vote Yes for Grab Ass”. Uh oh…

  2. Sara says

    Well, it got your attention…

  3. Kathy says

    There are so many ways to celebrate Earth Day (Thursday) if we all reduce, reuse and recycle! rocks!

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