Be Here Now: Rock N Roll Expo @ Albany Marriott, 4/25/10

Of course, it may seem oh-so-quaint in this age of digital downloads, but there are still lots of folks out there who collect honest-to-goodness, hard-copy music. You know – vinyl, CDs, eight-tracks, whatever.

On Sunday, Felix Iavorone is hosting another one of what used to be called “record conventions.” Collectors and dealers from all across the Northeast will be there with tables and tables brimming over with records, CDs, comic books, DVDs, video games and other pop culture collectibles. There will also be a silent auction to benefit the National Kidney Foundation.

It’s called the Rock N Roll Expo (see Facebook page), and it’s something like a pop culture swap meet. It’s all taking place at the Albany Marriott from 10am-6pm on Sunday. Admission is $8, and it’s a great place to buy, sell or trade.

In addition to all the cool swag and rare collectors’ items that you might take home, there will also be live music at the Expo. The Grip Weeds – a psychedelic pop-rock quartet from New Jersey – will be previewing tracks from their upcoming fifth album, “Strange Change Machine.” Veteran Nippertown musician-about-town Michael Eck will be showcasing songs from his new solo album, “In My Shoes.” (Read our review here.) And a cappella doo-wop group the Flipsydz will also be performing.

In addition, 1960s British Invasion pop singer Billy J. Kramer will be on hand for an autograph session.


If you can’t find that rare, offbeat, pop culture collectible at the Rock N Roll Expo, you just might want to head down Wolf Road to the Holiday Inn and check out Albany Comic Con, which is swinging from 10am-4pm on Sunday. Admission is $3.

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  1. Graceful J says

    You don’t happen to be privy to a schedule for the musical entertainment at the Rock N Roll Expo? The Facebook page unfortunately does not have that useful information. Thanks.

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