Slayer/Megadeth “American Carnage” Tour Turns Into 1990 Flashback


The long-awaited American Carnage Tour – postponed for several months due to emergency back surgery on Slayer bassist-vocalist Tom Araya – is shaping up to be one serious trip in a mega-watt, head-bangin’ time machine.

Co-headliners Slayer and Megadeth have announced that the cornerstones of their upcoming joint tour – Beavis: Ha! Ha! Ha! He said “joint”! – will feature both of the bands spotlighting their classic 1990 albums.

Slayer will perform their million-selling “Seasons in the Abyss” from start to finish. Megadeth will return the favor by playing their 1990 platinum-selling album “Rust in Peace” in its entirety. The last time that the two metal pioneers toured the U.S. together was in 1991.

As Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine declares, “If you missed us playing with our friends Slayer back in the ’90s, well, here’s your chance to make it up to yourself. If you miss it this time, well, then you ain’t metal anyway!”

And as far as Araya’s health is concerned, he’s all fired up and ready to go.

“Right after the surgery, I could tell that the issue was fixed. There’s no more pain. It just feels really good,” says Araya. “I’m really excited, and I’m anxious to get together with the rest of the guys and start rehearsing again. We canceled two tours, and I don’t feel great about that, but I couldn’t deal with the pain anymore, and that’s now completely gone. I know the fans are excited to see the band. The tour is on; we’re keeping our word. There will be no more cancellations.”

The American Carnage Tour launches right here in Nippertown – on Wednesday, August 11 at the Glens Falls Civic Center. Veteran headbangers Testament will be opening the show on all dates of the tour.

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