A Farewell from Faust?

Werner “Zappi” Diermaier (photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk)
Werner “Zappi” Diermaier at Proctors in 2009 (photo by Andrzej Pilarczyk)

Is the pioneering German experimental rock band Faust calling it quits with their upcoming album, “Faust Is Last”? Their record label, Klangbad Records, is calling it the band’s farewell album.

Here’s a quote from the Klangbad website:

“If Faust announce a last record after 40 years, then it might be a good idea to open up the ears… 40 years lie between the two records. 40 years of many different line ups, record companies, financial disasters, artistic failures and successes. Whatever can happen to a band has happened to Faust. In that sense, they are not an unusual group of musicians. What is unusual is that each project, each record, each concert over the last 40 years has been different. On the very first record, they made clear (on clear vinyl) that they were in it for destruction. “All you need is love” and “Satisfaction” symbolically were set fire to. That same fire you will hear on this new & last Faust record.”

Faust made a rare and unforgettable appearance at Proctors in Schenectady last year. Let’s just say that it was the first time in the entire history of the venerable Electric City theater that a cement mixer was utilized as a musical instrument. Read our review here.

At Proctors, the Krautrock musical mavericks were led by former Schenectady resident Jean-Herve Peron and Werner Zappi Diermaier, who were both co-founders of the original band four decades ago.

But apparently, the Faust band that’s making its swan song with “Faust Is Last” features none of the musicians who performed at Proctors. Instead, it’s a version of Faust led by co-founding member Hans Joachim Irmler, supported by Jan Fride, Steven W. Lobdell, Lars Paukstat and Michael Stoll.


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