Real Good for Free: Robert Francis @ The Linda, 5/4/10

Robert Francis is a great new rock artist we discovered at the end of last year,” explains Chris Wienk of WEXT-FM. “You have probably heard his song ‘Junebug’ on EXT. It’s one of those amazing songs that really hooks you in and won’t let you go.”

Just back from a European tour which ended in France on Saturday night, Francis was scheduled to kick off his U.S. tour (with OK Go) in Washington, DC on Wednesday. But before he heads to the nation’s capital, he’ll make a quick stop right here in the New York State capital, playing a free lunchtime show at The Linda in Albany at 12noon on Tuesday.

“I know that for some musicians, writing songs is like therapy and the way they get their emotions out,” says the Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. “But for me it’s more than an outlet – it’s a way to keep me from completely losing my mind.”

Francis’ show is a cooperative venture between The Linda, WAMC-FM and WEXT-FM. Francis will be performing for about 30 minutes and will also be interviewed by The Linda’s Howe Glassman. The performance and interviews will be taped for later broadcast on WAMC-FM’s “Performance Place” and WEXT-FM’s “Live @ EXT.”

Wouldn’t it be great if The Linda hosted a whole series of free lunchtime shows? Maybe once a month? Heck, maybe even once a week…

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