1. AMG says

    Hey, these are *not* Doug Gillard’s feet! These are either Virat Shukla’s or Roman Kuebler’s. Virat was lead guitar on all of those Hold Steady shows. Virat is awesome, and you should also check out his band, The Squaaks. (Doug played on a few shows w/ The Oranges Band in 2008 right before playing on their current album.)

  2. Sara says

    Actually, we’re (obviously) not sure whose shoes they are – Andrzej doesn’t remember. I was guessing Roman Kuebler, but Greg (who was actually at the show) said no, they belonged to the lead guitarist, who had the most pedals. So I guess that was Virat Shukla. Thanks for the correction.

  3. Greg says

    Whoa! AMG – these are not Doug’s feet? Or these are not Doug’s shoes? Or both? Come on, you Oranges Band fans… whose shoes are these?

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