Tulip Festival: The View From the Stage

Ever wonder what you beautiful people at the Tulip Fest looked like to the band that was cranking out the songs that you were cheering for?

Here’s the view from Damian Kulash – singer-guitarist with OK Go – as the band was rockin’ out in Washington Park at the Albany Tulip Festival on Saturday.

OK Go posted the photos on their Facebook page the next day – so if you see yourself, tag it.

OK Go's view of Tulip Festival

OK Go's view of the Tulip Festival

Along with the photos, OK Go posted the following message: “Big thanks to everyone who came out in the scattered rain to the Albany Tulip Festival yesterday…or as we like to call it, the hail-and-drunken-bottle-throwing festival. Joking of course…we hardly ever call it that.”

Photographs by Damian Kulash

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