1. Alan G. says

    Ironically, around the same time that this was performed on Lawrence Welk in 1971, then Vice President Spiro Agnew branded Brewer & Shipley as subversives. The show obviously never had a clue about the song’s true meaning, thinking that it was a gospel tune, giving credence to the phrase… “It’s whatever you want it to be.” Hilarious!

  2. Dionysus says

    Und there we heard a modern spiritual. Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  3. Kevin Marshall says

    I love the added emphasis they put on “Sweet Jesus,” as if they’re not trying to convince the audience so much as themselves.

  4. JPR says

    If they only had a clue.

  5. LiLi says

    Oh! Now I get why my babysitter liked that song… (I haven’t heard that song since I was little.)

  6. LiLi says

    Railway station…trains…Jug Stompers catching out…Bowtie said they were rolling smokes…hmm… 🙂

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