It’s The Weekend!

Cale Is Cool In Sunglasses
I hate it when she poses me like this, but I do look cool, don't I?

Here’s some stuff to do this weekend:

Today’s Tips: Friday

Our ticket giveaway for Mark Erelli @ The Linda is over, but there are still tickets for the show tonight (Friday).

Our famous and fabulous weekend roundups: music, visual arts and film specials.

Odds & Ends @ The End of the Week

Remembering Utah Phillips @ Altamont Village Hall, Friday.

Real Good for Free: River of Drone II @ The soundBarn, Saturday

WILDWOODstock @ The Parting Glass, Saratoga, Saturday.

Nerd Parade, Sea of Trees and Rain Parade @ Franklin’s Tower, Saturday

Be Here Now: “After Rush Hour” @ Saratoga Arts Center, Saturday

Tune in at 6pm on Saturday: On the Radio: “Caffe Lena: 50 Years and Looking Forward” @ WEXT-FM

Thanks to everyone who stopped by this week, commented, contributed stories, bought us drinks, sent in photos, gave us tips, told their friends about us, told us we were full of crap, answered our questions, sent us press releases (but not more than five about the same event) and told us juicy gossip that we’re not going to repeat.

Thanks especially to Joe Deuel, Matt Mac Haffie, Bokonon, Jason Lehr and Sebastien Barre.

And extra-extra-special thanks to our advertisers. Please support them!

Remember, Nippertown is your town. Have a great weekend!

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