Be Here Now: Visqueen @ Valentine’s Music Hall, 5/18/10

Rachel Flotard
Visqueen's Rachel Flotard

“Message to Garcia” – the latest album from guitarist-vocalist Rachel Flotard and her band Visqueen – was released back in September, and it quickly racked up the kind of rave reviews that up-and-coming bands can usually only dream about.

Here’s a quick round-up of a few of them:

  • “From the disc’s opening blast, ‘Hand Me Down,’ to its crashing coda 10 songs later, ‘Jimmy vs. James,’ the music is insistent, urgent, thrilling. There are no wasted notes, no flash distractions.” – The Washington Post
  • “A rock n roll triumph.” – National Public Radio’s “Morning Edition”
  • “The fact that their third album, ‘Message To Garcia,’ can win over cautious and caustic critics makes Flotard’s juggling act even more remarkable. Even conservative CNN hails it as one of 2009’s top three records.” – The Huffington Post
  • “Rachel Flotard defies all record labels.” – The Seattle Weekly

The Seattle-based power-popsters will be celebrating again on Tuesday, when the album is released for the first time on vinyl. And the band will be celebrating at Valentine’s Music Hall.

While several members of the band had previous commitments, Flotard has pared back Visqueen to a trio for their east coast tour. In addition to dynamic dynamo Flotard, the band features bassist Cristina Bautista and former Screaming Trees drummer Barrett Martin, so you can bet that Visqueen is packing quite a wallop in concert these days.

Sharing the stage with Visqueen at Valentine’s Music Hall on Tuesday will be Da Comrade, Barrow Burrow and New Pioneer Society. Tix are just $7.

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