5/18/10: Today’s Tips: Tuesday

MUSIC: Neil Young @ the Palace Theatre, Albany. In what may very well prove to be the social event of the semester, Mr. Young kicks off his solo acoustic Twisted Road Tour right here in Nippertown. Perhaps just as exciting, the phenomenal British guitarist Bert Jansch opens the show. Oh. My. God. 8pm. $99.50, $149.50.

TALK: Carol Burnett’s “Laughter and Reflection: A Conversation with Carol Where the Audience Asks the Questions” @ Proctors, Schenectady. No question about it – she’s one of television’s bona fide Hall of Famers. The funny lady makes a stop in the Electric City for a chat with the audience. That’s right – Q&A with paying customers. Who knows what’s gonna happen? Not us… 8pm. $20, $60, $75, $90.

MUSIC: Visqueen @ Valentine’s Music Hall, Albany. The rockin’, ravishin’ Rachel Flotard leads a slightly down-sized version of her band in their Nippertown debut, as they celebrate the vinyl release of their latest album, “Message to Garcia.” With Da Comrade, Barrow Burrow, New Pioneer Society. 8pm. $7.

MUSIC: Jefferson Starship @ Kleinert James Arts Center, Woodstock. This might be one of your last chances to see Paul Kantner and pals because, as the band’s website points out, “2012: The End of the World. The Mayan calendar ‘ends’ on the Winter Solstice. We can take 7,000 gypsies … only those serious about surviving need apply!” With Electric Rubyfish. 8pm. $30; champagne reception with band $50.

MUSIC: The Museum Guards @ Savannah’s, Albany. Yes, this week, Capital Underground Live shifts to Tuesday night. With Stuck on Stupid and Heroes & Martyrs. 8pm. Free.

  1. Andy M. says

    Hmm…”Black Waterside” sounds suspiciously like “Black Mountain Side” from the first Zeppelin album. I knew Jimmy Page cites Bert as a primary influence but geez! Who DIDN’T LZ rip off, er, um, become inspired by?

  2. Roger Noyes says

    I believe “Black Waterside” is a traditional melody — so the roots go even deeper than Jansch.

  3. Michael Hochanadel says

    Thanks, and WOW!

  4. Scott C. says

    “Social event” indeed. Just a mere $100. plus fees and parking and what not, and that’s for the “cheap seats”. Thanks for never selling out Neil, and have fun playing to my dentist and his kids.

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